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10 Heartbreaking Snap Shots of Overworked Doctors are going Viral, Proving that They too have human limits.

#1 "I Broke Down And Cried Today. I Cried Of Exhaustion, Of Defeat"

#2 "This Is The Face Of A Covid Icu Nurse"

#3 "This Is The New Normal After A Shift, Blisters On The Nose And Irritation To My Face"

#4 "This Is The Face Of An ICU Nurse. This Is The Face Of Working 65 Hours Over The Last Six Days"

#5 "I Can’t Even Begin To Describe My Emotions After A 14 Hour Long Night On Coronavirus Critical Unit"

#6 "The Covid Mask Effects. Please Stay Home And Protect The Ones You Love! Stay Safe, Stay Strong!"

#7 "I Am A Nurse (Rn) At Hospital Geral De Parelheiros In São Paulo, Brazil, I Graduated Since 2015 And Today I Am In An Icu With Only Patients With Covid 19"

#8 "Things Are Getting Worse But I Want To Represent Brazil In This Time Of Crisis"

#9"Can’t Feel My Nose Anymore! This Is Hangover Makeup"

#10 "Day 36 Quarantine, Those Signs, Wounds That Have Finally Become Scars That Do Not Matter, There Are Major Scars In Our Hearts That No Matter How Much Time Passes, Nothing, And No One Can Erase"