Binary Bot | 10$ in 4 Minutes

This binary indicator is created based on digit over principle on the basis binary or deriv platform. This digit over strategy is one of the safest strategies of the binary.

This bot is a low-risk binary bot. We recommend running this bot for 5-10 minutes in each session. You can run this bot multiple sessions in a day.

Your initial deposit must not less than $50. And you can start with a $1 or $0.35 stake. Stop-loss can be 50% of the balance. Please do not overtrade.

This XML bot only works on the binary and deriv platform. So you have to have an account on this platform.

The profitability is awesome if you can follow money management. Keep in mind that binary platforms make money when we lose money. So please do not be greedy and stay as little time as possible in the market. And test this binary bot to your virtual account before running it to the real account.

How to Start:

Step 1: Go to or deriv. app/bot

Step 2: Upload the downloaded .xml file

Step 3: Run the bot

Step 4: Make money

Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance $50

Initial Amount: $1

Stop Loss: $50 Target

Profit: $1-$2 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)



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