This funny Man Photoshops Himself Amidst Celebrities

Daniele Kiano is from Italy, who photoshops himself into celebrity images and still from famous movie scenes. The social media users seem to admire his content of celebrity photoshop to a great extent. We all live with luxe dreams, the idea called picture perfect. Meanwhile, some artist executes those dreams sitting in front of their computer screens.

Photoshop is a great tool, It can transform your pictures into unbelievable art pieces. It doesn’t matter what you look like. After few mins all your troubles can be removed; Well, At least from your photos. It’s not a lame man’s job to create those perfect masterpieces. Many people try to grab their hands on photoshop but end up creating huge photoshop fails. Although this guy has an immense skill in editing celebrity photos just to add himself in their photos and it’s near to perfection, Some of his celebrity photoshop edits are even hard to tell they are edited or not.

He has photoshopped himself with celebrities like Emma Watson, Justin Beiber, Keanu Rives, Shakira, Brad Pitt, and many more. His skills are remarkably good when it comes to the edits that he posts on his Instagram profile. He has also photoshopped himself in some famous scenes from movies such as Titanic, Pulp Fiction, Once upon a time in Hollywood. Besides that, he also photoshops himself on magazine covers next to actors and model as well as in some music album covers as well.

All we know is that Daniele’s photoshopped relations with celebrities are surprisingly relatable. The results are hilarious. He has blended himself so perfectly with the tones of the original photos that they seem real.

Here are a few amusing pictures of Daniele where he photoshops himself Amidst movies, covers as well as events. 


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